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Hello everyone!! :D I had way too much fun with this quick Tetra drawing. <3 So I have been watching/listening to Game Grumps a lot while working on commissions and during my breaks I decided to doodle up Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. <3 Wind Waker was always one of my favorite games back in the day and it’s so funny to watch the GG guys play through it. I love Tetra so here is just a little drawing I did in honor of her. Hope you all like it! :D

Hey everyone! I’ve been addicted to Game Grumps lately and I’ve been watching them play Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. <3 I’ve really just been listening but it’s funny as heck either way. Wind Waker was one of my favorite games back in the day and I decided to make a really quick doodle of Tetra. :D Someday I will draw a full Zelda piece of some sort. I hope you all like this 5 min doodle of Tetra and I will probably color it and update later. ;) P.S. Game Grumps rule. XD

….. I’m also DONE with this page….. omg. -faints-

The end of this page COULD NOT come fast enough. Hi everyone! :D It’s only been 10 MONTHS since I have made a new Dragon Wing page and gosh do I feel terrible about how long I was stuck on what seems like a simple page. I will say that the last panel was 100% the problem but after working it over and over again for months I finally got it how I wanted it and stuck with it. I hope you all like the page. At this point I know it isn’t perfect but I am so done. XD

About the page itself we have some new characters coming into the mix after Skylar and Ratchet’s fight escalates to a new level and I once again tested out a new coloring/shading technique trying to make it look as close to screentone as I could. I hope you all like this page and on the next page we will learn the identities of these two character to break up the Dragon Wing team’s argument! 

I swear it will not be 10 months between pages this time… :)




Entire Comic:…

Dragon Wing and its characters (c) to me.

5 Year old Veren… ^w^ <3 I decided the other night that I want to show my Dragon Wing characters as they grow up so I can practice how they look at throughout the years. Veren was randomly my first choice so here’s a look at him when he was an adorable, happy, kid. Hahaha things have changed and I feel terrible for him. 

I’m almost done with the next Dragon Wing page so I should have it posted soon! :)

:D IT’S FINISHED!!! My last commission from SLCC is finished and I had such a great time working on this detailed commission. My commissioner asked for a middle-aged Dwarf with red hair, metallic blue armor, swirls of lighting on said armor, and a large hammer with crystals on each end that sends out bolts of lightning… I love it so much when I get to come up with characters like this one for customers just based on their descriptions. <3 It really makes my day. <3 

I hope you and my commissioner like this commission and now I am on to working on all of the commissions I have left from Denver Comic Con! :)

Hello everyone! Last night my friend and I babysat for a co-worker of hers and ended up watching Balto (one of my favorite movies as a kid ♥) and I decided to draw Balto! Now, I drew Balto 3 years ago…and uh… things are a bit different from 3 years ago as far as my drawing style is concerned. lol I hope you all like the drawing and this before and after comparison! 


Being on Tumblr has been such a great experience and I am so grateful to all of you who watch me for my art/random posts. <3 You are all so awesome and I can’t thank you all enough for following my crazy art. ;) 

So to say thanks I decided to draw Luffy for you all and I promise you there is only more art to come from here on out!! Thank you so much for following me and if you haven’t followed me yet I would love to share my art with you! <3


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